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Toxic Mold Exposure - Consultation Sessions

Are you confused with all of the information about mold?

  • What it is
  • How to get rid of it
  • How to clean up
  • What to clean with
  • What diet to eat
  • How to prevent it
  • How to detox

You are not alone.  From 2009 to 2011 Jennifer and her kids were exposed to highly toxic mold and were in the very same situation that you are in today.  You can read Jennifer's full story here: Jennifer spent the next 3 years through trial and error researching, attending other consulting sessions just like this one, spending thousands of dollars on some treatments that worked and some that didn't work.  To date, Jennifer has lost over $300,000 in possessions, time off of work and more. 

If you are anything like Jennifer, all of the web pages and word documents and .pdf's were SOOoooooooooooo overwhelming.  So much information that she felt consumed and almost hopeless that her situation would ever change.  It wasn't working until Jennifer decided that she would start researching "OTHER" mold victims and spend her money talking to "real people", getting "real advice" THAT WORKED!

Jennifer spent countless hours and hundreds of dollars on this potion, that potion and this doctor and that doctor only to realize that the real answers were right in front of her.

What Jennifer is NOT:

  • Jennifer is NOT a doctor (but refers people to many holistic, naturopathic and functional practitioners)
  • Jennifer is NOT a lawyer (although she took Law in college)
  • Jennifer is NOT a certified mold tester (But went through extensive mold testing in the home she lived in)
  • Jennifer is NOT a certified mold remediator (But knows plenty of them)
  • Jennifer is NOT a dietician (but did work as a nutrition counselor from 1997 - 2002 for a fitness company)
  • Jennifer is NOT a scientist, biologist or toxicologist (but has 3 scientists and toxicologist experts that she can call anytime)
  • Jennifer is NOT a chef (but she can make a killer 7 course meal and used to own a cake and cupcake business)
  • Jennifer is NOT a photographer (but she knows mold when she sees it and can take a mean angled pic of mold evidence)
  • Jennifer is NOT a scholar (but she's spent over 3,000 "woman" hours using her Marketing: Market Research skills to find evidence, case studies, laboratory reports and journals on the effects of mold exposure and many of the other questions you might ask.

What Jennifer IS:

  • A real mold exposure victim
  • A person who will share factual-based information with you and not blow wind up your tent.
  • An honest person who may tell you some very upsetting things....but only because she cares to tell you the truth about mold and mold illness.
  • A fighter
  • Non-judgemental
  • A very well-informed person on the topic of mold and mold illness



  1. Jennifer cannot be friended or contacted personally on facebook, twitter, linkedin or any other social site for questions, coaching or answers.  If you wish to purchase additional coaching sessions with her, Jennifer is perfectly fine with that and can fit you into her schedule.  If Jennifer didn't care she would not be offering these sessions...she would have just gone back to work like all the others and not shared her info
  2. Please respect Jennifer's life, her space, time and her journey.  She has been through a LOT! as you can imagine and cannot spend the rest of her life giving out free advice.  She must work "full time" like everyone else and needs to spend her time wisely.  She has children to raise, a new gift of life and a household to provide for.
  3. Jennifer WILL NOT give you any medical advice or try to treat you medically in any way - she will only tell you what she may or may not do in that exact situation.
  4. Jennifer WILL NOT give you any legal advice - she will only tell you what she's learned about lawyers, other mold victims experiences and a general idea of where to start if you are considering a lawsuit.
  5. Jennifer WILL NOT give any financial advice (but she can tell you how much things may or may not cost)
  6. Jennifer WILL NOT guarantee that you will get well, get rid of mold forever or ever escape the tragedy of mold.  ...........But she will tell you
    • how you can prevent it from happening
    • help you pinpoint where you are getting exposed
    • how laws work about mold and landlords
    • explain how mold and mycotoxin works
    • how you can test your environment properly
    • how you can determine if you need to stay in your home or move
    • how to determine which items to keep or toss
    • how to clean possessions that can be saved
    • how to practice detox and avoidance methods that will keep you "fungus-free" for life
    • what foods contain mold and how to avoid consuming them
    • what medical tests might help you in your specific situation
    • prevention techniques all moldies should know
    • what certain symptoms could be a sign of and natural solutions that can help you overcome them
    • what other toxins could be in your home making you sick
    • referrals to mold testing professionals

60 Minute Consultation is $60.00

Register now for a mold exposure consulting session. Once you have submitted your payment YOU WILL NEED TO SCROLL DOWN AND COMPLETE THE Questionnaire AND REGISTRATION FORM. Jennifer will try to answer any of your mold illness, mold awareness, mold exposure, mold prevention questions.

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