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Products I use in my recovery

For my Skin
I do not use "any" commercial lotions or cremes.  They contain unnatural and toxic ingredients that can slow down your recovery and even prevent you from detoxing.  Your liver is already working overtime to get rid of toxic mold it should haven't to work even harder to remove unnatural ingredients as well.  One product I have used for the last 3 years is NOW brand 100% Organic Shea Butter.  You'll have the softest skin EVER!
I order it from here

Supplements I Use

The Supplement brand I trust:
I use and trust the NOW brands for my recovery process.  A lot of supplements have ingredients that are questionable not to mention unhealthy for someone exposed to mold and mycotoxins.  Most supplements contain things like GMOs, soy, allergens, corn, grains and yeast.  All of those ingredients are bad for someone exposed to mold.  I have found the NOW brands to contain none of these harmful ingredients.