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You are purchasing either a "PRIVATE EVALUATION" of: 

  1. Your urine(for the presence of Trichothecene, Mycotoxin) 

  2. A Second Opinion of a Skin Biopsy

  3. Environmental Cloth for presence of toxic molds

 by "Scientist, Dr. William Croft phD 

Urine Test Cost: $129 (Each Person)

Skin Biopsy Test Cost:  $399

Environmental Cloth Test Cost: $200

Once you fill out the form below you will receive: 

  1. An email from Jennifer (The Owner of Surviving Toxic Mold).  This email will have the details of where to send your "money order" for the test you would like to purchase. 

  2. Once Jennifer receives your "Money Order" in the mail she'll send you WRITTEN INSTRUCTIONS (in an email) on "How to collect your sample yourself and how to send it via postal service TO DR. CROFT.

  3. After you send your urine sample to Dr. Croft you'll be receiving final results of your analysis done by himself.   

*Unfortunately No Cash, No Checks and No Credit or Debit Cards are accepted.  This policy was changed in 2019 due to many instances of "credit and debit card fraud" that were occuring.  We do apologize for this inconvenience but it is the only way we are able to offer the testing.   


To protect myself (Jennifer Cannon) and Dr. William Croft from chargebacks and people who just never sent in their samples (not our fault).  We have a very strict "NO REFUND" policy.  Neither myself nor Dr. Croft work for free and Dr. Croft is very kind to be offering such a service at such a low cost.  Once you have sent us your money order.  ALL SALES ARE FINAL.  It is up to you to send in the sample.  The transaction is complete when we receive your money order for payment.  This is an official notice as of January 2019.  


Please provide Dr. Croft all of your information below. 

NOTE: Urine Specimens can be sent from "ANY" country

Submit your information to Dr. Croft

Type of Testing You are Purchasing
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