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Understanding the RealTimeLab Mycotoxin Urine Test

Clearing up the confusion about what a mycotoxin urine test is for and what it actually does

People misunderstand what the test is. It is only a test to see if you "may have been" exposed to mold. It only tells you if somewhere in your body there might be toxic molds that are putting off mycotoxin.

The urine mycotoxin test is basically revealing what is being excreted through the urine....people sometimes get it confused and think the numbers mean that is how much is in their body...but currently there is no test anywhere that can tell how much is in the human body and that is because toxic mold resides in fat and soft tissues so there is no way to detect a "total load" of mold or mycotoxin in the body.

It is not a test to measure mold in your body
or a test to measure mycotoxin levels.

There are only a few reasons to get the test:

1. You have no idea why you are sick, you don't see mold anywhere and you can't figure out why you have mold symptoms when you don't remember being exposed.

2. You just want validation that the mold you were exposed to is actually in your body and it's actually putting off mycotoxin. (peace of mind)

3. You need to prove it to family or friends who are making you feel uncomfortable about your hunch of mold being the reason you are so sick and want them to see that it's not just in your head.

4. You need to prove medically that mold is releaseing mycotoxin into your system for medical proof or legal proof in a disability or lawsuit case.

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There are no other reasons to get the test done. Testing, thinking it will help your treatment or recovery is not what the test is for. The treatment of mold does not change if you have a positive or negative result so the test is not absolutely necessary because it is still treated the same with or without the test. 

Also...if you are genetically challenged or super toxic your body may not excrete the mycotoxin into the kidneys because your detox organs are blocked...this can show up as a negative result on the urine test. This would be called a FALSE NEGATIVE result. Some people provoke a heavy detox prior to testing so that the test can be more accurate and show mycotoxin.

On the other end of the spectrum if you show POSITIVE on the test it is 100% accurate that "yes there is mycotoxin in your urine" so the advantage of this test is that there are no FALSE POSITIVES.


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