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Is mold making you sick? 

Put the effects of Toxic Mold behind you!!

Do you think you might have mold in your home, place of business or school? Are you or someone you love suffering from an unknown illness that doctors can't diagnose?  Is mold making you sick? We've put this site together as a resource to IDENTIFY, BE AWARE OF THE DANGER, DIAGNOSE, REMOVE, TREAT, CONTROL & PREVENT mold from taking over your life.  There is help for toxic mold exposure through mold testing, body mold testing, mold remediation in your home, mold treatment and mold relief.

Learn the basics of mold, how it is formed and the dangers of what it can do to your home and to human beings or animals. 

How to find mold in your home, office or school.  Get your home tested and evaluated by a professional.  Locate mold remediators and learn mold prevention.

See if some of your symptoms just might be related to toxic mold exposure.  Get medical lab tests done and find treatment options that fit your symptoms.