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20 Week Course

20 Steps to Homeostasis - How to Heal from Toxic Mold

How will this course work? 

The course is taken online.  Each week's lesson is a video taught by Jennifer along with study materials and a "fill in the blank-style" learning sheet for that week's lesson.    

How much does the course cost? 

The course total is $199.00 (20 lessons)

The course will cost $9.99 per lesson or you can save $20.00 and pay in full with a one time payment of $179  If you are paying monthly you will pay 5 payments of $39.99.    

What do I get with the course? 

  • You will get access to a private question and answer group as long as you are an "active" current subscriber with your monthly payment for the program. 
  • There will be a total of 20 videos / Interviews.  These videos will be taught by myself as well as some videos will have split screen videos of special guests that are experts on the topic we are discussing. 
  • Each step in the program (20) can last one week or you can learn them as fast as you need to.  
  • Each step in the program will have a corresponding study file and a "fill in the blank" learning sheet based on each topic discussed. 

What's in the course? 

Jennifer's 20 Daily Steps to Homeostasis and Healing 

Week 1: An in-depth look at understanding all of the symptoms associated with the exposure of toxic mold and water damaged buildings

Week 2: How to recognize ALL of the possible toxic mold exposure sources so that you can be aware of where people get exposed. 

Week 3: How to properly test your home for mold and have a proper inspection done that is thorough

Week 4: How to Find, Stop & Prevent moisture intrusions in your home

Week 5: How to properly remove mold and remediate your home correctly the first time as well as how to decide whether it is safe for you to stay OR should you make the decision to leave after remediation. 

Week 6: How to effectively avoid mold, keep a mold-free environment and practice intense prevention techniques that will keep you safe. 

Week 7: How to choose the right practitioners, what tests are the most helpful & how to address the best treatment options from these practitioners.

Week 8: All about a mold diet, understanding it, what to avoid and what to eat. 

Week 9: How to bind & neutralize mycotoxin in the body 

Week 10: How to properly hydrate the body

Week 11: How to manage deficiencies to give the body the best support it can get

Week 12: All about inflammation, understanding it and how to combat it naturally

Week 13: Mastering the art of keeping your detox pathways open for maximum results

Week 14: How to rest and reset your immune system to help your body having a fighting chance

Week 15: All about antifungals, what the are for and how to implement them 

Week 16: How to manage symptoms holistically without taking a bunch of drugs

Week 17: Mastering moderate exercise while detoxing

Week 18: How to diminish your overal toxic load.  Covering all angles of environmental toxins and how to remove them from your life. 

Week 19: How Daily Spiritual & Mental therapy is essential for healing..and how to do it. 

Week 20: Last week discussion on how to properly expose yourself to daily oxygen, sunlight and fresh air. 

If you are interested in being notified when the program will start taking registration please sign up for our 20 week course mailing list. Emails will be sent a week before the course starts.