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Has this website been beneficial for you? 

We hear from so many people around the world and are so glad that the information that is contained in the website is helping so many people understand that not only is toxic mold dangerous but it is bringing awareness of ways to identify the difference between everyday molds and the toxigenic type as well as how to treat conditions related to exposures to toxic mold. 

If this website has been extra helpful in your journey, please help us to "help others" by either sending us some financial support through PayPal or you can help in big ways by using the Amazon link below or a few of our other affilate products and links. 

The larger our site gets, the more money it takes for us to keep it up and running.  We need money for basic website upkeep like domains and servers as well as search engine optimization services, marketing, article writing and LOTS of research.  Because we don't have products that we sell personally we depend greatly on the compassion of others and those who choose to use our affiliate link below to make their everyday household purchases.  We hope that if this site has helped you in any way that you would choose one of the following ways each month to help us to "help others". 

Here are the two ways you can help:

1. Make sure that all of your Amazon Shopping is done through our referral link. (When you shop through this link we receive from amazon a 4% thank you are not charged any additional money on your purchase). 



2. Make a "One-Time" financial *gift through PayPal 

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*Contribution Information: All contributions made to this website are considered and classified by the IRS as "Gift Contributions".  Gift contributions are "NOT" donations and do not qualify as tax-exempt.  Surviving Toxic Mold is a "for profit" entity and all gift contributions are categorized as taxable income.  For this reason, Surviving Toxic Mold does not provide a tax-exempt receipt for your contribution.