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Sunday, January 11 2015

On Thursday night at 7:30pm I had ingested some epsom salt internally (approximately 2 teaspoons) and immediately after my heart went into "acute A-fib and arrhythmia" My son called 911 and by the time I was in the ambulance my heart rate was over 220 bpm.

When I got to the ER it was going higher than that....both chambers of the heart were beating at two different rates, one was around 114 the other around 220-230. I came very close to flat-lining and cardiac arrest.

The emergency drugs they were trying to use were not working to get my heart back into a normal rhythm. Finally after 4 hours they got the one chamber that was over 230 to come down to 180 but the two chambers were still beating opposite of each other.

They moved me immediately to ICU and began a drip of Diltiazem. I prayed like I had never prayed before.....finally around 3:30am on Friday morning my heart began to synchronize together and they both were now beating about 130 at resting rate or NSR which is (Natural Sinus Rythymn). I spent a day in ICU until my heart rate was at about 83 resting. They said it wasn't perfect but kind of miraculous that it had recovered that well in a short period of time.

My mom is here with me and I am still on the heart meds and low dose aspirin to prevent stroke. I am so very scared as you can imagine. I am not going anywhere so church and driving is out of the question.

Many of you know I am not a fan of pharmaceutical meds unless it's an emergency...but this time they did save my life and I am forever grateful that I live 5 minutes from one of the best heart hospitals.

I am still not out of the woods yet, so your prayer would be appreciated.

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