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Saturday, May 23 2015

So everyone has been asking after my last blog post:

What is this FCT® treatment that Jennifer has been getting and having such great results with?

FCT® is based on energy (ions, electrons and neurons). Quantum Physics, Physics etc. Very fascinating stuff!! To sum it up...basically everything in the universe has a "frequency" or an energy that is like a fingerprint or DNA. No two frequencies are alike.

That means all parts of the body have a slightly different frequency. That means the heart, muscles, bone, bone marrow, cells, nerves they all have a slightly different frequency that they put off.

Also there are 7 main agents (each also having their own frequency) that cause illness and those 7 agents are always responsible for ALL Chronic Illness.  I've created a nice graphic here to the left that visually explains these 7 "nasty agents" that cause all disease.  In no particular order they are:

  1. Mold/Fungus/Yeast
  2. Bacteria
  3. Parasites
  4. Chemicals
  5. Heavy Metals
  6. Viruses
  7. EMF (Electronic Magnetic Frequencies: positive ions)

Each of these 7 "nasty agents" also have a different frequency (millions of sub-types).

Using somewhat of a bio-resonance screening process that finds and matches frequencies *only a very skilled practitioner can actually not only find the matching frequency that matches what agent is invading your body, but he/she can also match "where" it is located in the body based on the frequencies being different for say brain, heart, bone marrow etc. This gives the practitioner the two frequency numbers that tell them say for example:

1.Lyme bacteria  found in 2. bone marrow

Dr. Lonnie Herman FCT Toxic Mold Lyme Disease This is completely!! amazing work that was discovered by Dr. Savely Yurkovsky recently in the 1990's. My doctor, (pictured here) Dr. Lonnie Herman in Florida was personally trained by Dr. Yurkovsky himself and is highly skilled and trained in the discipline of
FCT®. (*Not all practitioners can get results with FCT® because they are not skilled enough).  I have always been a firm believer in energy and the power of negative ions in the body...that is when I stumbled on Dr. Lonnie Hermans work.

Using the same concept as homeopathy this *very skilled practitioner can create matching ionic infused water drops that match the same frequency as the "nasty agent" found in the body.  They also include the matching frequency of where it showed up in the body as well. So just as homeopathy is "like kills like". So does Field Control therapy
FCT®. "Like Frequency kills Like Frequency".  These are not medications, they are not supplements, they are not herbs or any kind of medicine.  They are ionically infused water introduced to the body as a "Therapy" to naturally support the body's natural healing process that has been interrupted by one of the 7 agents.  Once the "nasty agent" has been moved, the body's natural immune system kicks in and "cures" itself naturally and removes what is left of the nasty agent through its natural detox process.  This is what I love about FCT® There is no claim of curing anything.  Your body cures itself after your "field has been controlled" using supporting energy frequencies.

The remedies I take are small tiny dropper bottles with "simple ionically matched custom frequency drops" so they have pure water and a certain number of matching negative ions inside them.

They are custom-made by the practitioner and will actually start to lose ions or "go bad" if not taken exactly on the specific day they are supposed to be taken. They have to be protected from electromagnetic frequencies therefor they need to stay wrapped in aluminum foil at all times.

Your body has amazing healing abilities...and once you discover how to move those "nasty agents" like Toxic Mold, Lyme Disease, Nasty viruses, Creepy Parasites, Environmental Chemicals,  Heavy Metals and EMF your body will CURE itself. 

The FDA and the American Medical Association want to Trademark the word "CURE".  Sorry guys...but our amazing bodies doing the curing....not your drugs and not your bandaides.

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