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Real People.........Real Stories

Toxic Mold can affect anyone anywhere around the world.  The misconception is that mold is only a problem in low income or dirty housing.  This couldn't be farther from the truth.  Toxic Mold can grow in buildings, schools, churches and even new construction homes. The following people have chosen to share their stories so that they can help others realize the importance of preventing mold formation, growth and mold illness.

Below are some real life stories of victims of toxic mold exposure:

Friday, February 07 2014

Citizen sickened by alleged toxic mold - this is Karen's story

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

To the editor:

Black mold. Toxic black mold, in just about every trailer in the park of off South Gosnell to West Gosnell and Center Street. Back in the summer, I was hospitalized. I stayed sick most of the summer. We hadn't been here that long. I walked my dog in this direction. I was horrified. It appears to be the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.

I joined the Toxic Mold website and have had many conversations with Kurt Billings, author of books explaining how black mold grows and how it destroys your blood cells and liver, kidney and all other vital organs. I was told by friends within this website to go have the test done.

You have to go to a Tropical Disease Unit. I went to LSU while home visiting my family. I am positive for the toxic black mold. In the first few days after my encounter, I called the city council, the mayor and even the EPA. I was told that the owner would demolish all of the infected trailers. They demolished one. Then I found out the owner is selling the trailers for a very low price.

I have a biopsy scheduled soon. My doctor thinks it is lymphoma. I have been in bed two to three weeks unable to eat. There are other problems with my thyroid, lungs and kidney. I was born with one kidney -- I can't have this kidney shut down. I am uninsured. I have tried beyond pure anger to get the government health care plan, but the "glitches" have beat me, and I do not have the strength to go on.

How can anyone that serves this town, sworn to uphold the safety of its citizens, forget? There are still more trailers with mold, and well, it is worse than before.

The abandoned trailers have drug users lighting candles to have a hut to get high. Just last week, an abandoned trailer had exploded -- burned to the ground with toxic mold spores flying and multiplying in their heat.

I do know there are sick people in the trailer park. I have talked to a couple that moved because they got sick. They lived on Center Street. This problem will not get better, only worse, and when summer gets here, the spores will multiply. My family cannot afford to move due to the thousands of dollar in medical bills.

If you haven't been through the mold, wear a mask and take a peek. I have over 100 photos of each trailer and the toxic mold. This is not fair. I was very healthy when we moved in, working in the yard, decorating our little house, walking my dog. Now I cannot get out of bed.

I wonder ... how many have died from this? Maybe I need to check the obituary archives and see what I find. This should go down in history as "The Gosnell Disease." What appears to be hurricane aftermath is how my body feels inside. One more thing ... there is no cure.

Karen Lowery
Gosnell, Arkanses
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