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Real People.........Real Stories

Toxic Mold can affect anyone anywhere around the world.  The misconception is that mold is only a problem in low income or dirty housing.  This couldn't be farther from the truth.  Toxic Mold can grow in buildings, schools, churches and even new construction homes. The following people have chosen to share their stories so that they can help others realize the importance of preventing mold formation, growth and mold illness.

Below are some real life stories of victims of toxic mold exposure:

Saturday, June 04 2016

Keri was chronically exposed to toxic mold - Aflatoxins G1, G2, B1, B2 and Ochratoxin A (Aspergillus, Stachybotrys, Cladosporium, Penicillium, Fusarium) - some of the most toxic molds known to mankind.

She lived in an apartment for 4 1/2 years that had constant flooding and was told by management after every cleanup there was no mold. Yet, there was - all throughout the apartment - and it was clearly evident on her Ermi "home test" report.

Keri wanted to see if what was in the house could also be in her body so she sent off for a mycotoxin urine test and the tests revealed that her exposure was greater than 90, off the charts - in other words, as bad as it can get. I became sick within three weeks of moving into the apartment and nearly died of adrenal failure in November 2010 and then was hospitalized in June 2014. My heart rate was 162 beats per minute and I had a seizure. With every doctor visit and hospital stay, I was misdiagnosed. They told me I had a panic attack because of the heart racing, yet my temperature had dropped to 95°! I lost teeth, hair, bone in addition to having up to four nosebleeds a day. I had chronic stomach pain, nausea, uncontrollable twitching and shaking, vision problems, chronic widespread muscle, bone and nerve pain, and insomnia yet complete exhaustion. I can no longer see contrast and my vision is impaired, especially at night. I have had difficulty breathing, chest pain, heart racing, irregular heartbeat, my hair fell out in three places, and continually broke off in clumps, skin rashes, lesions. I had chronic bladder pain and every urinalysis I got would say nothing definitive. The mold gave me microcytic anemia which created constant fatigue, difficulty getting enough oxygen, and Mast cell disease. It also affected my brain, causing brain liquefaction. Sometimes, I could feel liquid coming out of my ears. My histamine levels (a excitatory neurotransmitter) were elevated causing an inability to eat most foods as they contain histamine. Mast cell disease is miserable in of itself, and I couldn't eat anything without it making my heart race and have difficulty breathing. Think anaphalactic shock. I was unable to enjoy restaurants, alcohol, because of the histamine intolerance, hiking because of anemia and intimacy because it's causes sexual dysfunction. I couldn't feel anything pleasurable. Nothing but pain. I also contracted hookworm and tapeworm parasites during all of this, and endured excruciating stomach pain. Toxic mold destroys the integrity of your mucusal lining, weakens your immune system, and causes leaky gut. Before treatment, I had a fever of 104 degrees from all the poison they were excreting. Upon treatment, I lost 22 pounds - 22 pounds of parasites. My stomach looked like I swallowed a basketball. It was rock hard. I could literally feel them eating my flesh. Mold permeated all of my organs. I had multiple organ damage in my liver, kidney, adrenals, and bladder. The toxic mold robbed me of over 6 years of my life. I have spent close to $24,000 during that time trying to figure out why I was getting sicker and sicker. I filed a lawsuit against the owner of the building once I discovered the reality of the mold in May of 2015. I left the building on May 4th, 2015. Of what was salvageable of my belongings, I had to clean every single surface with vinegar. I put my things in storage and went to live with family, as I was no longer able to work from this. I lost my health, livelihood, and home with one fell sweep. After moving out, I saw a specialist In Tuscon and she said I had cognitive impairment. I knew this without a shadow of a doubt. There were many times when I would walk out of a store and I would have no idea where I am, who I am, or how I got there. It lasted for several minutes and it was very frightening. If I didn't use the GPS while I drove my car, a location I have gone to 1000 times over the years would be forgotten completely. Toxic mold is real and misunderstood by the medical establishment. It kills half-a-million people every year and all of these people are misdiagnosed like I have been. Doctors are telling mold victims they have chronic fatigue syndrome, lupus, arthritis, fibromyalgia, adrenal fatigue, multiple sclerosis, anything and everything but the truth. If it weren't for a contractor friend who pulled apart my HVAC unit in the apartment and discovered the mold source, I'm certain I would have died. It has now been 13 months since I've left the water damaged building, and I'm just now beginning to recover and live a fully-functional life. I took a mitochondrial DNA test, which determines the likelihood of latent cancer, and my results were 9.7, with 10 being the indicator of DNA damage. I don't know what my future holds. If you suspect you have been exposed to toxic mold, take this seriously, as this can be the most devastating thing you could ever experience.

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