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A Mold Recovery Blog
Wednesday, November 13 2013

After many doctor and ER visits one common thing would occur in my fight to fight mold:  "Jennifer, your potassium is VERY low".

In the medical world they see this as "your fault"...."your diet".  They scold me on how I should eat more bananas or more potatoes.  "You mean plenty of potassium-rich greens like a giant bowl of spinach a day aren't enough doctor?". 

This made me scratch my head and do more research.  What I found was astounding and how it LINKED directly to my exposure to toxic mold.

I found out that a "Mycotoxin" called PETULIN can inhibit the uptake of potassium meaning it blocks it from being used by the body.

Information about the mycotoxin, Patulin

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