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Tuesday, December 03 2019

What role does Zeolite play in removing toxic mold
from the body and do we really need it?

Our indoor and outdoor environments have become so polluted with daily contact to toxic molds in indoor buildings, chemicals in our food, drinking water, air, cleaning products and cosmetics, and heavy metals such as mercury from our dental fillings that our body’s toxic load has become critical in many cases. It’s been discovered that zeolite can very effectively pull out of our bodies the harmful toxicity that has accumulated over the years, including toxic molds that put off mycotoxins, heavy metals such as mercury and lead, bacteria, viruses and even other minor mold allergens (non mycotoxigenic molds).

So many diseases and health conditions are caused by toxicity, (up to 75% of ALL CANCERS may be due to toxins) along with chronic fatigue, inflammatory responses, neurological disorders, the list goes on. Check out this long list of symptoms that just "Mold/Mycotoxins" can cause. Thousands of people around the world have been taking zeolite daily and have had their long term health conditions, chronic mold illnesses, even serious diseases, reversed. It proves that when the toxicity is taken out of the body, the body can heal itself so much better. Zeolite is not just good at binding to toxic mold spores and mycotoxins or heavy metals such as mercury from the body, but, also cadmium, nickel, arsenic and a whole host of toxic substances.

Body detoxification has become popular as many realize the need to detoxify the body from these harmful substances. Many people do detoxification procedures, such as oxygen therapy, mold detox diets, chelation diets, fasts, liver and gall bladder flushes, colonic irrigation, saunas, light and even glutathione therapies and so on. The detoxification process in itself can make you feel very unwell as the toxicity becomes mobilized and moves around your body. Sometimes the body cannot eject the toxins quick enough, and, so very unpleasant “die-off” occurs, with headaches, fevers, fatigue and possible skin rashes often accompanying a body detox. But, can these procedures remove mycotoxins, heavy metals and chemicals that are deep in the tissues and organs? It’s still possible that these detox methods are not as effective as they could be.

When it comes to zeolite, the detox is far different.
These unpleasant detox symptoms are not generally felt, because, the zeolite cage structure holds the toxins and then is passed out in the urine or sweat.

Many health conditions have improved dramatically when zeolite has been introduced to the body.

Here are some of the many benefits of Zeolite

1. Helps support a healthy immune system
2. Helps remove heavy metals, polar and non-polar mold/mycotoxins such as aflatoxin, ochratoxin, fumanism, T-2 toxins (trichothecenes) as well as other airborne toxins and chemicals.
3. Helps balance pH levels in the body
4. 100% natural and non toxic
5. Safe for long term use
6. Simple to take and highly effective
7. Helps reduce discomfort in joints/other parts of the body
8. Helps stabilize energy levels
9. Helps reduce inflammation on skin
10. Affordable! Giving anyone access to taking charge of their health
11. Extremely safe and EASY to take
12. By reducing the toxic load to the liver allows the liver to remove mycotoxins, metals pesticides, herbicides & dioxins, which have been linked to triggering cancer.
13. Reduces viral load
14. Helps to buffer blood sugar
15. Improves nutrient absorption
16. Helps prevent premature aging
17. Acts as a powerful antioxidant
18. Reduces symptoms of heavy metal poisoning, CIRS/Mycotoxicosis/Mold Illness/Toxic Mold Exposure.
19. Can help improve the health of your family & friends
20. The easiest way to Detox your body

Do you think you are really toxic?


  • Have you ever spent one hour or more a day in a home, school, office or car that had visible mold?
  • Have you lived in a home with a leaky roof or basement?
  • Do you consume beverages or foods like peanuts, cashews, corn, wine, aged cheeses, pork or coffee?  If so, 80% of these food and drink items contain higher than normal levels of aflatoxins and ochratoxins which are dangerous mycotoxins that lead to disease and even cancer or death.
  • If you were "EVER" vaccinated, mercury was commonly used in the vaccine as a carrier.
  • Have you ever taken antibiotics?  Did you know antibiotics are made from toxic molds...and leave toxic residues in the body for a long time?
  • If you have amalgam fillings in your teeth, then you have mercury in your body.
  • Do you use everyday cleaning products from the store like Lysol, clorox, johnson and johnson?  Yep, you got it...toxic chemicals and you are using those chemicals to wipe down every suface of your home breathing it in and ingesting it daily.
  • Do you live near a train station, bus depot or airport?  Fumes from petrole
  • If you smoke, or have smoked, then you may already know that cigarettes do not only contain tobacco, but also heavy metals along with arsenic and other poisonous chemicals.
  • Do you ever eat out of or store your food in plastic containers?  They contain BPA a highly toxic ingredient.
  • If you live or work in a city, every breath you take contains heavy metals.
  • Unless you only ever eat organic food, it is highly likely that the food you eat has been sprayed or grown in poor soil, and is full of pesticides and  pollution.
  • If you use cosmetics/shampoos/conditioners, these too are full of chemicals which, when absorbed by the body, are toxic.
  • If you eat fish (especially tuna) the lead and mercury in them will be absorbed into your body.
  • When you drink water, unless it is carefully filtered and purified, you will be drinking chemicals and heavy metals.

We live in an environment far removed from how our ancestors lived, and our bodies are now subjected to an increasing array of man made chemicals. Our bodies simply weren’t designed to have to process such toxic substances….in a natural environment, we would never come into contact with such things.
But, now we do, and it’s the accumulative effect on these toxins that can be so devastating. A wealth of research has been, and is being done the world over, demonstrating the detrimental effects of just one of these toxins…mercury. MS, Cancer, Heart Disease, CFS/M.E., Fibromyalgia, ALS, Parkinsons, autoimmune diseases, autism, dementia, the list goes on, have all shown strong links to mold, chemical and mercury toxicity.

Zeolite (clinoptilolite) incorporated into the diet may be effective in fighting mycotoxins by direct absorption. Affinity toward aflatoxins, zearalenone, ochratoxin, and the T2 toxin was proven in vitro in the presence of aminoacids and vitamins, where the latter were not absorbed by the clinoptilolite material (). The specificity for aflatoxin M1 was also shown in vivo, and the dietary administration of clinoptilolite, especially of the material with the smallest particle size at the rate of 200 g per cow per a day, effectively reduced milk aflatoxin M1 concentration in dairy cattle ().

Here is the ZEOlite I used in my recovery. 
You can start your body's detox right now!

Questions people ask about Zeolite:

Is Zeolite safe for humans?

Zeolite has been found to be remarkably non-toxic, even at very high doses, and safe for children, nursing mothers, and pets.

Is There Lead and Aluminum in Zeolite?

Zeolite is a volcanic mineral, and is made up of an array of elements because it essentially comes from the core of the Earth. All of these elements are bound within the structure of zeolite. When taken as a supplement, the extremely strong structure of zeolite cannot be broken down by the body. The only circumstances that can breakdown the zeolite structure are intense volcanic heat and pure hydrochloric acid; neither of these harsh conditions exists within the human body.

The structure of zeolite is aluminosilicate. Hearing this often scares people because they automatically assume there is aluminum in it that could cause harm by taking it. There are also endless rumors on the Internet claiming zeolite supplements are dangerous and contain lead which can poison the body.  THESE ARE MARKETING TACTICS USED BY COMPETITORS TO SCARE POTENTIAL CUSTOMERS INTO BUYING THEIR ALTERNATIVE PRODUCTS.  There is absolutely NO TRUTH to these claims. As stated above, any elements that might be in zeolite are bound within the structure and zeolite is never broken down within the body. Zeolite does the opposite of these rumors, and actually absorbs dangerous lead and aluminum, among numerous other heavy metals, that may be clogging up cells and disrupting normal functions.

What is better: zeolite powder or liquid zeolite?

Good question, the answer in detail is found in Zeolite liquid or Zeolite Powder?

Can I still take my usual supplements while taking Zeolite?

Yes, zeolites don’t absorb nutrients, only toxins with a positive charge. But make sure to take zeolite 2 hours "BEFORE" medications in the morning is best.

Are there any side effects in taking Zeolite?

Probably not, there are no known interactions between drugs and zeolite. If you have any concerns always consult a health professional.  Just keep in mind that taking zeolite within 2 hours of taking any medication can reduce it's effectiveness.  

How long will it take to feel the benefits of taking Zeolite?

Everyone is different, some people feel a difference within a few days, but, for others, it may take several weeks or months.

My doctor has never heard of Zeolite.

Chances are, they haven't. Remember, mainstream medicine relys mainly on patented pharmaceutical drugs. Anything alternative, most doctors will have no knowledge.


Scientific Resources: 

In agreement with the scientific evidence presented in the literature so far, it can be generally stated that clinoptilolite-based materials, including the so-called activated materials, may be regarded as safe for in vivo consumption. A variety of highly positive effects on animal and human health were documented thus far for clinoptilolite-based materials. Due to clinoptilolite’s remarkable ion-exchange and adsorption properties and consequent detoxifying effects, it has proven useful in the elimination of a variety of contaminants from the body or in amelioration of the intestinal status. An indirect systemic detoxification effect attributed to clinoptilolite-based material supplementation in the diet of both animals and humans was documented in other organs as well, e.g., liver. However, the observed positive systemic mechanisms are still not completely understood. We hypothesize that they may be at least partially attributed to the restoration of the human homeostasis due to local detoxification properties within the intestine, the release of dissolved silica forms from the clinoptilolite tuff that enter from the intestine into the blood, as well as to clinoptilolite’s immunomodulatory effects. The observed local immunomodulatory effects of clinoptilolite involve the induction of immune responses through Peyer’s patches and/or possible positive effects on microbial intestinal populations through still unknown mechanisms. These local effects may have a systemic ‘echo’ on the whole immune status as well, as observed in some studies.

Finally, clinoptilolite’s antioxidant effects and restoration of antioxidant defense mechanisms may also be linked to the positive general systemic impact. However, conclusive statements on the exact applications and benefits of clinoptilolite-based materials in humans should be carefully investigated and analyzed for each specific clinoptilolite material as the mechanisms of action may have correlations with the specific material’s physical and chemical properties. Currently, different clinoptilolite-containing materials are used in medical applications worldwide. These materials contain different percentages of clinoptilolite and different compositions. Also, clinoptilolite-containing natural tuffs come with small quantities of other trace elements, and clinoptilolite is always pre-loaded with various cations. Some of the alkaline ions contained in the crystal lattice, mainly Na+, Ca2+, Mg2, and K+, may be readily released during the ion-exchange process. While these parameters may not be that relevant for agricultural or industrial applications, veterinary and human applications would require a higher level of control via a quality control system in the production, both of the raw material and the final products. For example, a proper mining process with adequate cleaning, sieving, de-hydrating, and pre-milling processes, along with elemental and microbiological examination of the clinoptilolite materials, might be considered among essential requirements for ensuring purity and quality (in relation to the high clinoptilolite content in the tuff) of the final materials for in vivo consumption.


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