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A Mold Recovery Blog
Monday, August 18 2014

When I was super sick for over a year it became difficult and almost impossible for me to go shopping and buy the very things I needed just to get well.

Although I had two teenagers that helped me tremendously I still felt that trying to get in a car and go to a store more than once a week became almost impossible.

As you know, running out of products or supplements don't always time perfectly and it seems that you need to leave your home on multiple occasions throughout the week.

Being very ill with mold, epstein-barr virus and Lyme Disease did not allow me to leave the home but get my meat and vegetables for my MOLD DETOX DIET.  Because this put such a phycial strain on me I researched ways I could possibly get items to my house without me having to leave home.  The only problem I saw was I ended up spending SO MUCH money on shipping costs..........until I found "Amazon Prime". 

Here are some of the ways I used Prime in 2013 and 2014:

  • To buy my household cleaning supplies to keep my home "mold free" (baking soda, borax, vinegar, ammonia)
  • To buy my Vitamins
  • To buy detox supplements
  • To buy personal products (toilet paper, non toxic shampoos, non toxic soaps)
  • To buy birthday presents for my family and kids when I could not go shopping
  • To buy all of my Christmas gifts because during Christmas I could not leave the home
  • To buy more comfortable clothes while I was so sick
  • To buy things my kids needed when I was not able to take them shopping
  • and much more...................

With the cost of Prime I saved on 11 months of shipping.  Each month I was buying so many products and supplements that I was spending through various websites well over $100 in shipping fees.  I was releaved to pay Amazon a one time $99 fee so that for the rest of the year I could order "ANYTHING" at "ANYTIME" .........WITHOUT any shipping costs.

Here are the main features of the Amazon Prime program:  You pay ONLY $99.00 for a One Year Prime membership

  • THE FIRST 30 DAYS ARE FREE - $99 doesn't hit your card until after the first month so enjoy all the FREE shipping you want.
  • Free - 2 day shipping on online orders
  • You can order one product or one hundred products and still get FREE 2 day shipping
  • FREE Prime Instant Video - This is very similar to Netflix.  (Netflix costs $96.00 per year)
  • FREE Prime music
  • FREE Prime Kindle owners lender library

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